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Gain confidence & clarity through insights.

Whether you're facing a big hairy problem or a make-or-break decision, use research to predict outcomes, reduce risk, and reveal the best path forward.
Over a decade of creating products users love
Stop second-guessing.

Move forward confidently with human-driven insights.

Make the most of limited resources.

Know where you should focus to make the biggest impact.

Create something that users crave.

Better understand your key audiences and start crushing your scorecard.

Discovery Research

Stop the guesswork.

Rally your team and position your project for success by finding the true source of your challenges (they may not be what you think).

Discovery Workshops

Service Journey Maps

User Journey Maps

Audience Segmentation

UX Audits

Competitive Analysis

Generative Research

Discover game-changing opportunities.

Build an extensive library of knowledge about your users, including their motivations and behaviors, making it clear what your next move should be.

Remote User Interviews

User Surveys

Focus Groups

Research Panels

Evaluative Research

Exceed customer expectations.

Never miss the mark with your prototype, product, or strategy with evaluative research. Test, validate, and optimize with real feedback from your users.

Usability Testing

Tree Testing

User Testing

A/B Testing

Insight Translation

Turn raw data into action items.

We sift through all the data, connect the dots, and wrap it up in an easy-to-understand report so you can hit the ground running.

Opportunity Reports

Research Reports

User Personas

Product Roadmaps

Ideation Workshops

Research Repositories

"We love that ZoCo doesn’t show up to purely execute. [They] share perspectives, challenge us, and participate with an open mind and heart. The amount of subject matter command the team has shown when it comes to learning our industry is impressive!"

Working with ZoCo

Discovery and Understanding

We start with a discovery phase to give us the knowledge needed to work autonomously and accelerate your project’s overall timeline.

The Right Amount of Research

We maximize your investment by right-sizing our studies to meet your specific goals. No wasted time, resources, or budget–just the answers you need.

Strategic Recommendations

We share solutions and actionable next steps based on real data and insights.

Accessible Insights & Analysis

We’re an open book. We share our findings (and how we got there) in a transparent, easy-to-understand way that anyone can learn from–spanning leadership to engineers.

Create a future without relying on assumptions, guesswork, or the status quo.

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