SonarMD helps patients with chronic digestive diseases achieve positive lifestyle changes and build stronger relationships with their doctors through frictionless digital experiences.

We deconstructed SonarMD’s complex relationships to balance the needs of patients, medical practices, and SonarMD themselves.

SonarMD needed a new strategy to differentiate their brand from the practices they served.

Practices needed a better experience with the existing digital platform to streamline their workflows.

Patients needed to feel that their health was prioritized and treated with sensitivity.

A brand and visual aesthetic to tell a more compelling story.

Before, SonarMD’s brand was modest and reserved to respect their relationships with their practice partners. We realized that their compassionate personality was being overshadowed due to their emphasis on professionalism. We designed a more authentic brand and product aesthetic that could be adjusted for different audiences and situations.

A sleek new digital practice portal to streamline workflows.

We collaborated with SonarMD to overhaul their digital care coordination portal for practice nurses by prioritizing a list of UX improvements and user goals. We interviewed practice nurses to learn about their experiences and challenges using the portal, collect their feedback on our proposed solution, and generate a backlog of future enhancements ahead of development.

A charming new patient experience to encourage mindful health.

SonarMD had strong engagement from patients with their monthly health assessment, but wanted to improve engagement by enhancing the survey experience. We focused on bringing delight and whimsy into the clinical survey using new motion transitions across survey screens and an animated set of custom emojis.

A flexible design system to make every touchpoint cohesive.

A lightweight design system framework tied everything together across brand and product. We created unique design themes for patients and practice nurses while maintaining a centralized library of components and styles to make every touchpoint feel like a SonarMD experience.

We are thrilled to have joined SonarMD on their path to clarity and reinvention.

What we delivered to SonarMD:

Customer Journey

Iterative Product Design

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Evaluative User Testing

Product & Visual Language

Design System