The Mid-Ohio Food Collective’s goal is to end hunger. Period. To do this, they’ve launched FreshTrak—a food bank management platform and customer-facing app—for all food banks to use.

Mid-Ohio Food Collective had no shortage of ideas. Combining their first-hand knowledge with the perspective of their customers, volunteers, and administrators, a few things became evident.

Customers need information about eligibility, events, and programs in one place to make sure they are getting the help they need.

Food pantries need tools to keep an accurate record of their customers while providing a positive and efficient experience at events.

Communities need an accurate understanding of food insecurity in their neighborhoods to support and allocate resources appropriately.

A fresh, approachable brand combines human qualities with technology.

FreshTrak is a product of Mid-Ohio Food Collective, so we wanted to design something that complemented their brand, but could also stand on its own. The final mark and accompanying assets provide a combination of food, geolocation, and data—hitting on the core tenets of the product.


The customer app makes finding food easy, breezy, and beautiful—the way it should be.

Now it’s easy to see what food pantries are open nearby and pre-register for faster pick-up. With personalized recommendations, customers come for the food pantries but realize the full breadth of services—even beyond food.

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The administrative app focuses on efficiency, accuracy, and insights.

Food banks and pantries have had their own issues. With their current systems, they have duplicated, inaccurate records. This data is required by regulatory agencies and donors to keep food banks doing what they’re doing.

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Now, registration is seamless for volunteers.

Checking in a customer is now done through a focused workflow, meaning more accurate, complete records for the pantry no matter which volunteer is working. And, with the customer app, clients can even keep their profiles up to date themselves.

Admins can easily see analytics and trends.

The reimagined visualizations help pantries understand their reach in the community, ultimately allowing them to customize new programs for their clients.

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For the community, hunger is a big issue that’s hard to understand.

Which is why we used the data from FreshTrak to craft an interactive data website to help cities and community members see what’s actually happening, compare to other cities, and debunk long-held, inaccurate beliefs about food assistance.

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We’re looking forward to supporting the FreshTrak team into the future.

What we delivered to Mid-Ohio Food Collective:


Digital Product UX/UI

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

Usability Testing

Brand Identity Design