Martti Consult by UpHealth

An in-hospital solution providing telehealth access across the continuum of care, with language access, specialists, and more.

To ensure the Martti product had the features, functionality, and workflows needed for the behavioral health use case, ZoCo conducted generative research with 16 potential users.

We mapped the phases of a behavioral health consult and defined nine major pain points.

This provided a clear, foundational service experience for the Martti platform, minimizing costly product customization requests in the sales cycle.

We included specific opportunities for Martti to add value to users and differentiate from competitors.

A human-centered approach was at the heart of our research process and deliverables. Participants shared some of their most difficult moments and the stark realities of working in the healthcare field.

Providers and specialists care deeply about patient outcomes above all else.

While they are open to new resources that enable improved patient care, when a tool or resource doesn’t support their priority, they won’t adopt it or will find workarounds—no matter how inefficient they may be.

Our report grounded product insights in participants’ lived experiences and outlined pillars of success for decision-making, all to better serve patients.

These previously unconsidered insights will drive user adoption for the product long-term.

What we delivered to Martti Consult:

Service Journey Development

User Interviews

Experience Assessment