Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning is an innovative education technology and curriculum solutions provider for K-12 math, literacy & language arts, world languages, and more.

Service Journey Workshop

This collaborative working session with experts from the Carnegie Learning team revealed knowledge gaps and assumptions in the K-3 teacher’s experience to explore further in our research.

Qualitative Teacher Interviews

We interviewed 8 K-3 teachers from across the U.S., uncovering a mutual adoration for their students, frustration with the system, and a love-hate relationship with tech.

Student Co-Design Sessions

Finally, we hung out with 10 K-3 students. We modified our typical facilitation techniques to be more fun and interactive for the kids; we colored, acted out funny motions, danced, and made silly sounds.

We developed an opportunity statement for Carnegie Learning based on our research findings: how can we enhance, instead of hinder, the student-teacher relationship through technology?

How might we educate teachers on the Science of Reading?

Teachers are largely unfamiliar with this systematic, data-backed approach to teaching reading, choosing instead a more casual approach, which inadvertently leaves students behind.

How might we nurture the relationship between teacher and student?

Though technology makes teaching easier and more efficient, it also de-prioritizes the relationship between teacher and student, something teachers miss.

How might we use game mechanics to keep Carnegie reading products engaging for kids?

The data provided by this technology is only accurate if students are really trying. We found students in this age range were motivated by concepts like creativity, collecting tokens or coins, and immersive storylines.

The future is focused on creating great digital learning experiences for both teachers and students, alike.

Our final opportunities report uncovered insights that inspired Carnegie Learning to drive for more innovative digital solutions allowing them to carve out a new audience for their digital reading tools.

Any day we get to create with great companies and kids is a fun day.

What we delivered to Carnegie Learning:

Service Journey Workshop


Focus Groups