User Experience Designer

Although we’re not actively hiring our next User Experience Designer at the moment,

we’re always interested in connecting with passionate folks to recruit for future job postings. If you would like to be considered for opportunities as they become available, please fill out our online application and you will be added to our talent recruitment pool.


We design to improve people’s experiences.

ZoCo believes in empowering people, reimagining futures, and bringing bold visions to life—all through designing products people love. Whether crafting a digital tool, mapping an ideal service journey, or uncovering the root of a complex problem, our focus is on translating an understanding of people into confident and powerful design.


Why work here?

ZoCo was named to the 2021 Inc. Best Workplaces in the nation, top six in Ohio, for a reason. We can promise you skill development, impact, and camaraderie unlike any other.

  • Learning: Our experimental, fast-paced nature means you will constantly be learning, challenging your comfort zones and growing your skills even beyond A-player status. Ambitious yet humble folks thrive here, where the desire to find a better way is prioritized and your company invests in your development. ZoCo’s ever-evolving practice means no two days are the same and adaptability prospers. If you want to be at the top of your game, you come to ZoCo. 
  • Impact: We attract bold thinkers and romantics who aim to make a difference through their work. Your efforts here will elevate the experiences of others, uplifting those we design for to live more meaningful and dignified lives. We’ve impacted the most hairy human-challenges, from addiction recovery, to food-insecurity, to the future of senior care. If you work at ZoCo, you believe in abundance, and will provide your skillset to purpose-driven brands.
  • People: We prioritize our people, applying our love for human-centered design into how we nurture relationships within our team. We have your back, and there’s no question your team would go to bat for you. We provide balance to support who you are outside of work, and we strive to ensure no one is overloaded so you can bring energy home rather than feel depleted. You may come for the work, but you’ll stay for our people.


The User Experience Designer Role

The UX Designer plays a vital role within the ZoCo team, serving the product design process from ideation to launch. Actively collaborating with your design peers and advocating for human-focused design practices that create thoughtful and effective design solutions will be among your primary duties. You will provide focused attention to translating design opportunities into actionable tactical design solutions. You are an experienced UX Designer who can contribute to the design process. You have a deep understanding of UX processes and tools, understand technical limitations, and communicate clearly with multi-disciplinary partners and clients alike. You will work closely with design leadership and your peers to ensure that your output aligns with project scope, client goals, and high strategic standards.

In this role, you must be able to:

  • Leverage an understanding of user needs and pain points through research methodologies to inform design decisions
  • Translate research themes into easy-to-understand design concepts
  • Define digital architecture through user flows, information architecture, content requirements, and navigation
  • Develop user stories, wireframes, and prototypes based on user needs
  • Create thoughtful and attractive designs ready for implementation
  • Deliver clean, visually consistent designs with an understanding of standard user interface concepts and processes
  • Validate design concepts through user testing practices
  • Regularly present and share design decisions and conceptual direction with internal teams and the client
  • Collaborate with your design peers and provide thoughtful feedback and discussion
  • Work closely with development partners and external teams to align on feasibility and development limitations

What you’ll bring with you:

  • 4-year degree or equivalent work experience related to this role
  • 2–6 years of experience in UX & UI design or relevant field
  • Strong visual portfolio demonstrating experience in UX & UI design with a human-centered mindset 
  • Ability to demonstrate empathy and willingness to learn
  • Excellent presentation and interpersonal soft skills are required
  • Meticulous attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills
  • Experience as a lead designer is preferred
  • Experience with digital architectures such as user flows, information architecture, user stories, content requirements, etc. is preferred
  • Strong competency with design and interactive programs such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Miro, and preferably Figma
  • Experience translating research findings into informed design concepts
  • Familiarity with research and user testing practices preferred
  • Excellent systems thinking skills are preferred
  • Familiarity with animation and prototyping is a plus
  • The ability to read and understand simple code (such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript) is a plus

Why is this role important to our work?

You’re an essential part of our Experience Design team and are empowered to bring the client’s vision to life while leveraging ZoCo’s superpowers of insight and imagination. The work you’ll do will shape your career, build the legacy of our studio, and enable the health of the business you work within—all while providing meaningful impact to our clients and the people they serve.


Next steps

If you would like to be considered for opportunities as they become available, please fill out our online application. Please include enough information for us to gauge your past experiences (a resume, portfolio, etc). 

If we have a spark, we’ll reach out to schedule a brief call with our hiring team to gauge fit! If you have any questions please reach out to Natalie at [email protected]


What you can expect from our interview process.

Once we get through the applications, the interview process begins. These occur separately either at our studio or via zoom, with about 1-2 weeks in-between each. You will be notified along the way for exceptions, but it generally looks like this:

  • You’ll have a quick 30-minute chat with someone on our hiring team.
  • You’ll interview with one or two team members to review your experience. This normally takes about 1 hour.
  • You’ll interview with a Leadership member to discuss your fit within the organization. This conversation also takes about 60–90 minutes.



We believe in taking care of each other so we can take care of our families. We provide our team:

  • Unlimited PTO: We take pride in our team’s incredible work ethic, ownership, and accountability. So to recognize this, ZoCo offers unlimited PTO, allowing you to request time off as you see fit.
  • Paid Health Benefits: ZoCo provides medical, vision, and dental insurance.
  • Parental Leave: Growing your family is an exciting occasion, and as such, ZoCo provides leave for all parents to celebrate this milestone.
  • Annual Refresh: Our studio and our work shut down at the end of December through the new year, granting our team an extra week to recharge and refresh over the holidays.
  • IRA: ZoCo provides the option for a simple IRA, as well as a 3% match.
  • Short-term Disability: ZoCo pays 100% of our short-term disability policy, providing security should you need to be on leave.
  • Investment in Learning and Development: We provide training for skill development—both directly related to your role, as well as for soft skills.
  • Hybrid Style Environment: Our team takes a hybrid approach, and empowers both in-studio and remote work. Employees have the option to choose on a day-to-day basis. We strive to make collaboration easy and accessible to all, regardless of location. Currently, the majority of our team chooses to come into the studio daily.
  • Take the Time You Need: Are you sick? Need to go to the doctor? Take the time you need without worrying about it affecting your PTO. Your team will step up.
  • Dog-Friendly Studio: Have a furry friend at home? We welcome all well-behaved and non-disruptive dogs.


Where do you work?

At this time, ZoCo is only hiring residents of the greater-Columbus area. Our team takes a hybrid approach and empowers both in-studio and remote work.

If we hire you, it’s because we think you’re brilliant and trust you to decide where you work each day. We share our objectives, and so long as you are meeting them, you’re free to pick the number of days you work in or out of the studio. Some in-person work will be necessary.

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