Wholly Rollies

Founded on the principle of clean, simple nut products, Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company is known for their all-natural peanut butter. However, their next product was a whole new category—peanut butter protein balls.

Crazy Richard’s protein balls would have a strong impact on the company’s future, so brand strategy sessions and focus groups were essential.

Shoppers told us they confused Crazy Richard’s current packaging with store-brand peanut butter. So we created three different concepts separate from the parent brand to test what design language resonated with shoppers. We labeled them internally as “sane,” “nuts,” and “crazy.”

The “Sane” design was too boring.

The “Crazy” design was too bizarre.

But the “Nuts” design was just right.It embodied Crazy Richard’s brand attributes in a way that spoke to the clean ingredients, while still being fun and celebratory.

We had a design language, but we still needed a name.

The product’s main selling point was its whole ingredients. No additives, sugars, salts, or preservatives taint this healthy snack. They are a whole-ingredient, wholesome snack for the whole family.

“What about Wholly Balls?!”

Focus group moms deemed the name too “inappropriate” for their kids (even though it made us giggle).

“Maybe Whollies?” It’s fun, easy to say, and tested well with moms.

The trademark office said, “No.”

After ideation on hundreds of concepts, it hit us—we’ll call them “Wholly Rollies!”

The final packaging is a showstopper and caught competitors off-guard.

The product immediately caught the media’s attention at trade shows—earning spots in print publications and blogs before hitting shelves. Retailers couldn’t wait to get their hands on them, and their competitors immediately tried to copy them. The completed packaging highlights the clean ingredients and has been well received by parents and kids.

Now all Crazy Richard’s had to do was show-off Wholly Rollies.

To put the finishing touches on Wholly Rollies, we crafted content and photography for marketing and sales materials. The final result was a completed package design and launch materials to set Crazy Richard’s up for success—showing the world their newest creation.

Wholly Rollies have the attention of the industry and are rolling into stores around the country.

What we delivered to Crazy Richard’s:

Brand Strategy Workshop


Ideation & Strategy Workshops


Brand Identity System

Brand Collateral


Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy