Jeff Johnson & Co.

Jeff Johnson & Co., a local custom jeweler, was founded on the belief that buying a cherished item like jewelry should feel unique to the customer, from beginning to end. Walking through the doors at JJ&Co, you’ll work directly with the artisan creating your jewelry, not a salesperson.

JJ&Co’s familial nature stood out in our initial brand strategy sessions.

When customers walk through their doors they are always treated like an old friend.

As one of the lead artisans said: “We’re like the friendly jeweler down the street that everyone knows and trusts.”

Bingo. We had an idea.

The brand concept—a friendly neighborhood jeweler.

The mark is elegant—inspired by hand-painted signs of the early 20th-century. The color palette is rich—taken from the deep mahogany interior design of the JJ&Co studio. The tone is authentic to their friendly nature and welcoming spirit.

To extend the new brand, an updated website drives more customers to an in-store experience.

The website guides a visitor through customer stories, one-of-a-kind inspiration, and artisan bios. Every touchpoint throughout the user journey ends with an invitation to reach out to an artisan online or in person and begin the conversation about their custom piece.

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Features like the “Find Your Artisan” experience establish relationships between customers and craftsmen.

Our messaging strategy carried their neighborly tone through all the brand touchpoints.

From social media guides to customer thank you cards, the refined messaging strategy encourages customers to spread the word about Jeff Johnson & Co. through stories, social posts, engagement photos, and referrals.

Today, their updated branding and messaging authentically supports their business.

What we delivered to Jeff Johnson & Co.

Brand Strategy Workshop

Messaging Strategy

Brand Identity System

Brand Collateral

Website Design


Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


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Messaging Strategy