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Sanzfield Technologies and Rotoplas, a global water systems enterprise, teamed forces to bring the most advanced wastewater treatment product to life. Their technology fully sanitizes wastewater so it can be reused throughout the home. As the product developed, they approached ZoCo to help understand their launch strategy and audiences within the US.

Together with Singularity University, ZoCo conducted widespread research into home wastewater experiences, processes, and pain points to create a comprehensive opportunity report and strategic directive for the launch.


  • Qualitative Research
  • UI/UX Design + Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Visual Design
  • Launch Strategy
How do we make septic systems sexy?

At the start of every new project there is a period of immersion. We dive into all kinds of resources to help understand the product and industry. With this project being the antethesis of a ‘sexy’ product by most standards, we developed a fondness and passion for the technology and team we were working with.

To kickoff the project, we led Rotoplas through a customer journey workshop. Together, we created empathy maps for two audiences throughout the entire septic experience—first installation to replacement.

We began noticing patterns of unknowns and assumptions, which became the basis of our qualitative research objectives.

Research Objective

Who is the market in the US and how do we reach them?

We confirmed our hypothesis that most homeowners wouldn’t quite connect to the product enough to invest in it. However, we did find a niche group of homeowners that were interested.

Home Developers
As one of the main audiences for the product, we came to understand the business-side of homebuilding and the importance of local regulations, as well as different ways developers had integrated new products in the past.

Septic Installers
The front-lines of any wastewater product, we discussed their processes and desires for new technologies, as well as their local resources and regulations.

Testing the message

We created three versions of a landing page to test different product variations, messaging, and overall audience engagement—targeted towards the B2B market.

Via a series of LinkedIn ads, we were able to A/B test our options. By using LinkedIn over other services, we were best able to target specific job titles and industries of interest.

Conversion Rate

Selling it

Since this product is unlike anything currently available, we illustrated the system to communicate at-a-glance without giving away too much of the secret sauce.

Defining the journey

Throughout our research, we defined the complex process that is involved for planning, installing, and replacing a septic system. We detailed the actions required by the client for each step along the journey, providing a thorough map for implementation.

Page Report

After a rapid research phase, we collaborated with Singularity University to deliver a comprehensive report outlining the insights, opportunities, and next steps needed to launch their next-generation product into the US. We look forward to watching Rotoplas continue the plunge (pun intended).

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