Rotoplas, a global water systems enterprise based in Mexico City, joined forces with Sanzfield Technologies of Canada to bring the most advanced septic system replacement to life.

The new technology sanitizes wastewater so it can be reused throughout the home. Rotoplas planned to launch it in the US but had little to no knowledge of the market. They approached us to define their value proposition for the target audience. First, we had to discover who that audience was through qualitative interviews.

Homeowners—the people who live with the product— were the first assumed audience. But we heard…

“Homeowners like being green…Until they have to pay for it.”

Strike one.

Septic installers were next because they’re hands-on with products like these. But they all echoed…

“It’s not worth my time until the state approves it.”

Strike two.

The last potential audience was the developers who build the neighborhoods. They said…

“Someone asked me the secret to what drives our world. Sh*t and schools.”

Ding ding ding.

Developers were practically drooling at the potential of the product. It opened up land that was previously unusable and created drastic cost savings.

Using these insights, our developer-centric messaging was validated by a 14% conversion rate.

Via a series of industry-targeted LinkedIn ads and A/B testing, our team found the perfect messaging and prioritized value propositions. Our final landing page was so effective, we found for every $44 we spent on LinkedIn advertising, we achieved one qualified lead that was likely to purchase multiple $16,000 units.

Such a novel product raises a lot of questions.

To address these, we delivered a series of sales materials and infographics sure to cover even the most technical questions. The insights, opportunities, and next steps needed for the launch were then documented in a 148-page opportunity report.

ZoCo helped us set a clear timeline of deliverables; it was easy to know what was needed when. I felt ZoCo did a great job of jumping into our industry niche and testing all of our hypotheses. We’re overall very pleased with the outcome of our engagement that will serve as a guide for the future of our business.

Vinicius Ramos, Project Lead

With a proven strategy in place, we look forward to watching Rotoplas continue the plunge.


What we delivered to Rotoplas

Customer Journey Development


Messaging Strategy

Website Design

Digital Marketing

Pitch/Sales Collateral

Launch Strategy