Tradeworthy Jobs

Tradeworthy Jobs was founded because connecting good construction managers to motivated workers shouldn’t be so difficult. Use the Tradeworthy Jobs app to hire a team, schedule jobs, build a resume, and more.

Construction worker on a construction site holding a cellphone with the Tradeworthy Jobs app pulled up on it.

The construction industry is experiencing a major labor shortage which affects managers and laborers differently. We were brought in to detail the needs and pain points of each audience, define the service, and design a prototype that addresses the labor shortage for future development.

Lots of colorful hardhats photographed from a birds eye view.

Our research revealed that the construction industry runs on antiquated processes.

Managers rely on referrals and industry relationships to find candidates, but many of these resources are tapped out.

Workers currently have to apply for jobs with a paper application, which requires a lot of effort for a job they may not even get.

Millennials and Gen-Z candidates prefer to connect via text or social media, so they often miss out on available opportunities within the construction industry.

Clearly, current hiring processes aren’t working.

Our research revealed the labor shortage could be addressed with a unique digital experience.

Our concept connected managers and workers for a smooth hiring experience that can be done quickly and remotely. The digital product bridges the gap between available construction jobs and employable young workers without alienating older, more experienced candidates.

The Tradeworthy Jobs logo on an orange background.

But first, we needed an authentic brand inspired by the grit of the industry.

We named, designed, and developed a brand that resonated with the industry’s core attributes. Tradeworthy Jobs is authentically Americana, utilitarian, and has a no-nonsense perspective on life.

A collage of Tradeworthy Jobs's brand elements.

The research findings were brought to life in the branded app.

Tradeworthy Jobs eliminates the hassle of job searching and hiring by connecting hiring managers and workers in ways that were previously unavailable within the industry.

After creating an account, workers drop right into the job market, making them instantly searchable by employers.

Tradeworthy Jobs app screens
Cards from the Tradeworthy Jobs app showing prompts such as "confirm your job" or "incomplete surveys"
A calendar from the Tradeworthy Jobs app.

Workers set availability and job preferences, letting managers know they’re ready for hire.

Screens from the Tradeworthy Jobs app.
A card from the Tradeworthy Jobs app that visualizes a user's availability.
A card from the Tradeworthy Jobs app that visualizes how much a skill match a user is to a job.

Over time, workers update their experience and skills, making them more valuable to managers.

Screens from the Tradeworthy Jobs app.

We designed a landing page to spark interest in a new kind of hiring app.

Designed to generate buzz around Tradeworthy Jobs, the landing page guides users through the features and benefits of the app then encourages them to sign up for more information.

The Tradeworthy Jobs landing page.
Collage of Tradeworthy Jobs app phones.

ZoCo really took the time to understand both my vision and the direction I wanted to go. When my husband and I were building our home I loved our designer because she “got me.” She didn’t pressure me with flooring that was out of my comfort zone or colors that weren’t me. Working with ZoCo was exactly the same; they understand you and your project and then guide you to the best solution.

Brittany Bainum, Founder

We took Tradeworthy Jobs from an idea to a branded prototype ready to pitch to investors.

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Brand Identity System

Prototype & MVP

Digital Product UI/UX

Brand Launch

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