Delivering Health

Delivering Health is on a mission to make wellness accessible by providing delivery services for prescription medication.

Customers need their medications and equipment to be readily available.

And they want confidence that this intimate aspect of their life is respected.

Food pantries need tools to keep an accurate record of their customers while providing a positive and efficient experience at events.

An on-demand health partner that delivers on its promise.

The developed brand reflected Delivering Health’s holistic health care offerings and support system. The logo, inspired by navigational elements, communicates the flexibility of their service and dedication to wellness while the friendly color palette and tone of voice instill confidence in an approachable and supportive way.

Translating the brand for the web served as a friendly introduction to the service.

The microsite exists as Delivering Health’s primary touchpoint with its users and needs to build trust immediately. An approachable and understanding tone-of-voice combined with iconography and step-by-step visuals walk the user through the ease and benefits of the service.

To launch the brand and encourage engagement, print materials were created for Delivering Health’s debut at SXSW.

Overall impression of the Delivering Health brand received an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars at SXSW.

What we delivered to Delivering Health

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Collateral

Brand Identity Design

Brand Launch

Website Design

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy