Crazy Richard’s

Founded on the principle of clean, simple nut products that promote healthy families, Crazy Richard’s Peanut Butter Company is known for their all-natural peanut butter. As their offerings continued to evolve, it became clear that their website needed to evolve too.

Crazy Richard's website on a laptop next to a peanut butter sandwich and Wholly Rollies

With new products being added to the Crazy Richard’s family, the company needed to advance their brand messaging and identity to tell one consistent story across all touchpoints. Starting with their website, our challenge was to establish a visual language and brand story that created a cohesive experience for the entire line of Crazy Richard’s products.

Crazy Richard’s focus is on creating healthy snacks with the fewest ingredients possible. From our previous Wholly Rollies research, bold content and unapologetic focus on ingredients captured their audience’s attention. We wanted to apply these same principles to their website.

Hand writing on whiteboard

The homepage had to communicate their dedication to minimal, whole ingredients.

Crazy Richard's homepage mockup

Nutritional facts are proudly on display on product pages where FAQs further show they have nothing to hide.

Product pages integrate their existing line of products with the unified brand aesthetic. The pages feature bold content and ingredient photos to make the products more authentic, so what you see is what you get.

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Full page mockup of the Crazy Richard's product page template.

Simple product photography fit the brand, and lifestyle shots supported their stance on family values.

Boy eating a messy PB&J sandwich at the table
Crazy Richard's Creamy Peanut Butter on teal background
Crazy Richard's Peanut Powder on yellow background
A father pouring a peanut butter smoothie for his daughter
Two brothers with backpacks enjoying Wholly Rollies
Crazy Richard's cashew butter on blue background

The content and creative come together to align each product consistently under the Crazy Richard’s name.

Crazy Richard's homepage mockup with Wholly Rollies
Detailed shots of text and buttons on Crazy Richards website
Mobile mockups of the Crazy Richard's product pages

The new website reinvented the Crazy Richard’s brand presence to better connect with their customers.

What we delivered to Crazy Richard's:

Brand Strategy Workshop

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

Website Design

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