Singularity University is a globally recognized leader in corporate enterprise innovation. Their customized learning programs prepare executives with the knowledge they need to innovate and prevent becoming disrupted.

Innovation is broad. It’s hard to measure.

Done well, innovation covers a wide array of elements. Internal and external. Near-term and far-fetched.

Because nothing currently consolidates all innovation data, companies use disparate tools to track it all. There’s no consistency. No accountability.

We were determined to change that.

Our focus was on translating each layer of innovation into something measurable, actionable, and meaningful. Executives told us they don’t need to be involved with the day-to-day noise of ongoing projects. They need high-level visuals and meaningful call outs that can be prepared at a moment’s notice—but also the ability to dive deeper in case of a ‘fire drill’. These principles would be our guiding force for the planning and design of Singularity’s new product—DASH.

Your one place for all innovation data.

Think of DASH like a car. Your side view mirror shows what’s coming up from behind, like the startup radar. Your GPS tells you where to go beyond the horizon, like the technology forecast. Your driver guides the direction and speed, like your innovation projects. And ultimately, your engine fuels the performance, just like the internal culture and leadership of your company.

As a single source of truth, DASH combines disparate information sources and maintains data quality.

This consolidated data means key metrics directly correspond to each company’s innovation goals.

DASH is currently in beta with Fortune 500 innovation teams.

DASH has been a huge undertaking for our team and we’ve helped shape every aspect. Beyond just UI/UX design, we interviewed dozens of global innovation leaders, outlined the product strategy, and were even the product owners during the MVP development. Since then, we’ve facilitated several strategy and user-centered workshops to validate our direction and guide our designs for future iterations of the platform.

We’ve been partners since the very beginning and are excited for what’s next.

What we delivered to DASH:


Pitch Collateral

Digital Product UI/UX

Video & Animation

Prototype & MVP

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

Engineering Management