Uleet combines innovative technology, individualized data, and health insurance to improve the lives of their customers by empowering them to take control of their health.

Uleet’s vision is to empower people to live their healthiest lives by leveraging wearable devices and their own data. By tracking, maintaining, and improving their biometrics, users can earn back the price they pay for Uleet’s health insurance. The challenge? Working within a highly restrictive industry and developing a new mental model around insurance for customers to understand. To help, we visualized what the app could be by prototyping the digital experience and creating a brand to bring it to life.

There were three core challenges we needed to design for:

How might we make health insurance and biometrics approachable for non-experts?

How might we empower users through freedom of choice in an industry that feels impersonal?

How might we encourage users to be engaged in their health through proactive, not reactive, decision-making?

Wearable device integration makes tracking biometrics easy.

By syncing with the latest in smart healthcare devices, Uleet turns your comprehensive biometric data—steps, sleep, and all things wellness—into better benefits, better options, and better outcomes.

Customized content lets users explore their health in new, personalized ways.

Using health and wellness metrics and a curated biometric portfolio, Uleet empowers users to track their own progress and decisions around their health.

Insurance scenario comparison makes choosing a plan simple.

Uleet offers no-employer-needed insurance, so no one gets left out and everyone gets quality coverage at a transparent price. Users can run scenarios to find the plan that works best for them and their family.

Users earn incentives for priotizing their health.

Uleet rewards consistent behavior. The longer your biometrics stay consistent or improve, the more users earn back on the price of their Uleet insurance. Users can put their earnings toward their own bank account, or contribute to community goals and charity donations.

Uleet, for a better you.

In conjunction with the UX design sprints, we designed a brand that would support and amplify the goals of the app. The bar graph motif from Uleet’s identity reflects data, progress, and motion. Paired with a high-contrast color palette, it represents the bold path forward that users will experience with Uleet.

Uleet was named a Startup to Watch in 2022 by Columbus Inno!

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What we delivered to Uleet:

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy