SigBee helps companies build healthier, happier organizations by facilitating meaningful conversations and action with their digital platform.

The key to engagement was to make it easier for supervisors to act.

For employees to feel motivated to adopt SigBee’s check-in tool, they needed to feel confident that their responses were being seen by their supervisors and taken seriously. Led by the guiding principle of the 'power minute', the key to check-in adoption was refreshing SigBee's supervisor dashboard experience, making it easier for supervisors to engage, interpret, and act on employee check-in responses.

The key is to provide “just enough” information to make a decision.

Through iterative collaboration with SigBee, we developed streamlined data visualizations, eliminating the need for supervisors to invest extra time interpreting complex information amidst their hectic schedules.

Seamless integration with existing tools.

Instead of requiring users to learn a new tool, we leveraged their familiar communication channels and workflows to increase the adoption of the SigBee platform.

Keeping users engaged with a fresh new look.

We modernized the UI by evolving SigBee’s existing brand elements and components, creating a consistent visual language between product, brand, and marketing. This ensures their product can easily scale over time with updated design system documentation.

With a new experience, SigBee is primed to improve workplaces everywhere.

What we delivered to SigBee:

Existing experience audit

Service journey mapping


User flows

Iterative visual redesign 

Design System