Jumpmind helps retailers of all sizes boost data flexibility, speed, and quality to strengthen customer relationships and drive business efficiency.

For over a decade, Jumpmind built a loyal customer base around SymmetricDS, their core data replication tool. When they approached us, they had just released Commerce, a new modular POS platform.

These products were starkly different, and the Jumpmind team was struggling to find the right messaging and positioning to connect with their target audiences. To get ahead of this challenge, we connected with their customers to understand:

What did current customers value most about their partnership with Jumpmind?

How did customers experience their products, and what more did they expect from them?

Cracking the formula to Jumpmind’s success.

Through qualitative interviews with current customers, we uncovered key insights that highlighted Jumpmind's strengths.

Based on our qualitative learnings, we provided actionable opportunities for a new brand and product strategy:

Create a more compelling brand story with refined messaging that highlights Jumpmind’s strengths and establishes industry leadership.

Keep SymmetricDS competitive by modernizing its features to meet customer expectations and improve the user experience.

Prove value and win over new customers by sharing the vision for their newest product, Commerce, and involving customers in the platform development.

Setting the framework for an innovative brand.

We dove into a top-down overhaul of Jumpmind’s brand and product positioning, starting with overarching brand attributes. We made sure every experience and touchpoint would tie back to their core values. Jumpmind needed to stand out from the competition, so we cooked up a fresh new logo and brand identity that did just that while still reflecting modern retail technology.

Converging brand and product under a sleek new website.

We needed to quickly design a new microsite for Jumpmind to generate buzz for Commerce ahead of a major retail conference. To meet that deadline, we followed an iterative sprint cadence to design the site architecture, content outlines, and a set of starter components.

Making the microsite helped us test and refine our process and workflows for building the full site. We created key page templates, expanded the component library, and wrote accompanying messaging in order to provide Jumpmind with a repeatable framework they could follow once the website was launched.

Images of product

Retail software has never looked so good.

What we delivered for Jumpmind:

Qualitative Interviews

Messaging & Content Strategy

Evaluative Research

Brand Identity System

Opportunity Report

Website Design

Brand Strategy & Positioning