Customer Relationship Manager

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective’s (MOFC) goal is to end hunger. Period. To do this, they’ve built a platform to manage customer relationships—a system that compiles data from various social services—to create transparency across agencies.

Pulling data together across all social services is no easy task.

Before we started creating anything, we had to better understand the data that would be pulled together, the social services it would impact, and the people who’s lives would be changed by their offerings.

User Profile Views

First, we had to understand all the data that social services used.

Before getting started, we reviewed data from several agencies to find overlap in the types of data they collect. Stakeholders from five different organizations discussed with us how they’re managing their customers currently and any pain points that were readily apparent.

Through rapid prototyping, we explored how agencies could use the data once pulled together.

Industry leaders understand the customer data they require and how to best utilize it but needed a better solution to view and navigate the data. We began prototyping, testing, and validating an improved experience.

While every social service uses similar data, they each have a unique way of categorizing this information.

Users will use data from other sources to build context for their own social service category.

Social services users’ workload is high, so it’s important to surface important information at a glance.

Image showing product prototypes

Now, multiple agencies can come together to get the full picture of someone in need.

Anyone can have a shared understanding—and anticipation—of a customer's needs!

A design system unified this experience into a family of new products to support social services.

Our team delivered a foundational design system that Mid-Ohio Food Collective’s engineering team could reference while building this CRM. This design system not only streamlined their engineering process but also brought design clarity as they expanded upon their future product roadmap.

Together with MOFC, we created a scalable product that betters the lives of people in need!

What we delivered to The Mid-Ohio Food Collective:

Digital Product UX/UI


Design System

Prototype & MVP

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

Visual Positioning