Prescribe FIT

Prescribe FIT was founded with the belief that exercise as medicine is a viable and necessary approach to wellness. They offer a holistic service that connects physicians and fitness specialists to provide a strong support system for healthier patients.

Our research highlighted unique user needs to guide product development.

Physicians are overwhelmed with data entry so their involvement should be minimal and voluntary.

Fitness specialists are great for day-to-day interactions but need a way to interface with physicians to provide seamless patient care.

Patients need consistent in-person interactions to create accountability.

Connecting users to each other at the right time is key to patient success.

We created a responsive web app that addresses the barriers and insights revealed in our research. Guided by each audience’s unique goals and needs, we crafted an experience that complimented everyone involved.

Physicians confidently prescribe exercise knowing Prescribe FIT will handle the rest.

Exercise physiologists spend time educating patients and help them choose the right program.

Patients build a care team, track their progress, and manage their goals daily.

Fitness specialists work regularly with patients to set goals, create trust and accountability, and share progress with the care team.

Prescribe FIT is making strides towards a healthier future using prescription exercise.

In 2019, Prescribe FIT landed almost 1 million dollars in funding from prominent Columbus investors. This money was put towards improving technology within Prescribe FIT.

Immediately post-beta launch, a dozen physicians and 100 patients began using Prescribe FIT.

We built a comprehensive digital system to make prescription fitness a reality.

What we delivered to Prescribe FIT


Prototype & MVP

Customer Journey Development

Digital Product UI/UX

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy