Origin Malt

Based in the heart of Ohio, with farming partners throughout the Great Lakes region, Origin Malt is bringing the art of growing and malting barley within shouting distance of craft breweries and distilleries throughout the Midwest.

Brewers are looking for more than a contract.

In our conversations with brewers, we heard it’s hard to build confidence with a supplier from a distance.

Brewers want face-to-face relationships with suppliers they can trust.

They want to be a collaborator throughout the process and know details about the products they’re purchasing.

The brand and messaging cut straight to the chase.

We reflected the plain and simple mentality of the Midwest in a straightforward, utilitarian library of assets that create an immersive, attitudinal brand voice. The concept of Midwest Independence unified the pieces and parts that make Midwest brewing sustainable.

Illustration was needed to create a unique and authentic visual presence.

As we continued to apply the Origin Malt brand to marketing applications, illustration was the next step to extend it. The goal was to differentiate visually from their competition’s rural and industrial photography and connect with their audience in a unique way. We approached this illustration with a style that was organic in line and texture, but geometric in composition to connect back to the foundations of the brand. The illustrations were designed to scale from spot illustrations to large-format depictions of the holistic supply chain and will be applied to a number of use cases in the near future.

We promoted Origin Malt’s brand and products with a website.

The homepage introduced the ‘Seed to Sip’ philosophy with illustrations that connected farmers and brewers as partners throughout the process. The story connected visitors across the site for more information about brewing, farming, and purchasing with Origin Malt. The website also included a portal to manage contracts, track order history, and share updates with their brewing partners.

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The product photography gave each product its own unique story to tell.

Approaching the photography, we wanted to differentiate from competitors even further—many of whom don’t show the malt itself. We wanted to tell a more comprehensive story about each product by including ingredients that complimented the flavor profile—visually depicting what makes each malt variety unique. Other supporting photography captured the Origin Malt product experience with shots of their bold, red bags and beer brewed with their malt.

Together, we continue to grow the Origin Malt brand and support the Midwest.

What we delivered to Origin Malt:

Brand Strategy Workshop

Website Design

Messaging Strategy


Brand Identity

Brand Collateral


Environmental Design

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy