Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland (GSOH)

The Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland guides and empowers girls through outdoor adventure, leadership, and community engagement.

An experience that checked every box.

Successful learning platform.
We created an experience that supports learning without distracting scouts from their interaction with the environment.

Ease of use. We prioritized simplicity and usability in our designs to create an enjoyable experience that is intuitive enough for scouts of any age and ability.

Scalability. We worked with the long-term vision for this pilot project in mind, anticipating its evolution into a product with advanced data collection and reporting capabilities

Blending the physical and digital world.

We seamlessly integrated digital touchpoints with physical points along hiking trails to both educate scouts and foster environmental stewardship—designed in a way that makes learning fun and keeps scouts present while in nature.

Building for today and tomorrow.

Our collaboration with GSOH marks a significant moment within their roadmap.

Not only will this project support future funding efforts, but our work has laid the foundation for an advanced tool and feature set to be expanded upon in the next phase of the product.

The end result? An exciting nature discovery experience!

We developed a Webflow microsite that helps young girls learn about the local ecosystem, enhanced with an Airtable integration for data collection.

The final product offers a lightweight, enjoyable introduction to scientific exploration and environmental advocacy.

Empowering future eco-warriors, one data point at a time!

What we delivered to GSOH:

Website Design

Ideation & Strategy Workshops

Experience Assessment

Messaging Strategy