Roy democratizes angel investing by matching investors with talented athletes, scholars, entertainers, and influencers to help fund their projects and fuel their pursuit of success.

A social finance platform built on trust and genuine relationships.

We crafted a brand that feels connected to finance and investing but is rooted in human connections. Using experience patterns and engagement tactics found in social media apps, we connected these worlds to reimagine the investment process.

Centering the brand around passion.

A sleek brand identity positions Roy as the platform where talent users of any background or skill set come to turn their dreams into reality.

Celebrating important milestones.

Every major moment, from sign-up to closing on a fundraising goal, is designed to celebrate the user’s wins and encourage them to keep taking the steps to make their dreams a reality.

Lettings users tell their own stories.

Our people-first philosophy led us to create a home feed experience that leverages full-screen content, as well as paths to easily find, fund, and learn more about talent users.

Making every interaction seamless.

The app uses a gesture-based design so users can quickly swipe, tap, or hold UI elements to commit core actions, such as transacting and navigating through different investment opportunities.

Building with a 0-to-1 mindset.

As an emerging startup, Roy needed just enough to get started but room to flex and scale as the business matured. We built a system of components that gave the engineering team a starting point to build while the business team used our prototypes to pitch to their investors.

More than a return on investment, it’s a promise of return on you and the people you believe in.

Roy opens a previously inaccessible avenue for people to give and receive the financial support they need to chase their passions. By bringing people together through technology, Roy empowers the unstoppable and recognizes the uncapped potential of each and every individual.

We're thrilled to help Roy turn people's passions into paychecks.

What we delivered to Roy:

Brand Identity System

Product & Visual Language

Brand Naming

Design System

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Interactive Prototype