We helped Ricart Automotive Group modernize America’s oldest Harley Davidson dealership with a new look and feel.

After decades of growth stagnation, A.D. Farrow came under new ownership and needed a brand refresh that combined their historical importance with their future aspirations.

America’s oldest Harley dealer deserved a shiny new brand that honors their heritage while allowing them to cruise into the future.

A.D. Farrow was founded in 1912 by Alfred D. Farrow in Nelsonville, Ohio.

When Alfred passed away at the age of 27 his wife Lilly Farrow stepped in to run the company, something unprecedented for the time and the motorcycle community.

It was Lilly who saw the company through the Great Depression and a World War, and ultimately grew the company into what it is today.

Following in Lilly’s tire tracks, Farrow’s new owners knew they needed to challenge the status quo to last through generations to come.

America’s oldest, to America’s boldest.

In the spirit of radical authenticity, ZoCo developed a brand that goes against what is expected of a dealership. The brand’s eclectic scrapbook-style mix of visuals represents the history that makes Farrow what it is today.

We dropped the A.D. in the name, simply calling it Farrow. The change was made to include both Alfred and his wife, Lilly, for the impact both had on the business and Ohio’s motorcycle scene as a whole. The change was a natural one, as the business has been colloquially referred to as “Farrow’s” amongst the community for years.

Clothing and accessories play a huge role in the identity of a rider, an identity they want to display proudly. The brand was extended to several of these applications through a variety of illustrations, each with its own historical significance.

The monoline illustration of the 1912 Harley Davidson motorcycle represents the year Farrow was founded.

The rough cut illustration style emulates punk-rock patches, evoking the attitude and rebellion often associated with riders.

ZoCo has far exceeded our expectations. They figured out our brand identity, personality and values efficiently and accurately in a short period of time. It’s as if they were inside our heads! They brought our rebrand to life in a clear, innovative and creative approach and left us with action-based results. We were truly impressed every step along the way. Look no further than ZoCo Design!

Regan Reilly, Marketing Director

We’re excited to watch as Farrow continues the Harley Davidson legacy.

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