The Farmacy Experience

The Mid-Ohio Food Collective’s goal is to end hunger. Period. Their Farmacy program is designed to help people with health conditions gain access to healthy, fresh produce. 

First, we researched why Farmacy customers didn’t stick with their goals.

Farmacy customers provided valuable feedback on the most effective ways to track goals and keep them, emphasizing the importance of a personalized approach to achieve success.

When goal setting, customers shoot for the stars or take it too easy.

Our research showed that lots of customers struggle with setting goals. They need someone to guide them and help them create goals that are both achievable and inspiring.

Helping individuals identify their unique motivators and use them to their advantage.

In our study, we found that achievement, mastery, and social motivations were the most frequently mentioned driving forces among participants.

Achievability and enjoyability are the two most helpful factors for success.

We found that many participants get tripped up by barriers like not having enough time, putting things off, or getting bogged down in all the details. That's where the Farmacy experience comes in to give guidance and support to help customers choose the right goals and stay on track to crush 'em!

The Farmacy experience aims to be a functional and empathetic user experience for all.

MOFC’s customer base is diverse in age, education and digital tech skills, with many non-native English speakers. As a result, the Farmacy experience needed to be designed to accommodate these users, making it easy to understand how it functions and onboard users quickly. To avoid confusing users with unnecessary features, customers can easily check off their daily goals instead of tracking complicated biometric measurements or calorie counts.

Image showing the Farmacy app

An effortless way for customers to personalize and set up their goals.

The Farmacy is an intelligent guide that takes users on a personalized journey toward making their wellness goals more achievable. In addition to tracking progress, the experience is also a hub of information on everything from wellness to recipes, making it a one-stop shop for all things health and wellness.

Farmacy ID NumberImage of Farmacy Awards

Eating broccoli has never been more enjoyable thanks to the Farmacy experience.

What we delivered to The Mid-Ohio Food Collective:

Ideation and Strategy Workshops

Digital Product UX/UI

Generative Research

Engineering Prep

Service Design