Fahey Bank

Fahey Bank has been fully invested and serving the community of Marion, Ohio since 1865—providing support and guidance for families and businesses, generation after generation.

Fahey wanted to reposition their brand and messaging to help target the next generation of customers in central, Ohio. With new services and technologies on the horizon, they needed a brand that accurately reflected who Fahey Bank is today. We conducted customer interviews and developed a brand strategy to inform a new brand language.

Through customer research, we learned that Fahey should position themselves as relational, not transactional.

Banking is boring and un-engaging, but a necessary part of life. We want to create moments of delight that keep customers motivated and confident so that they make their financial goals a reality.

Banking relationships typically take shape as short–term transactions. We know that’s only a small piece of the journey and want to be there for customers every step of the way.

Money is already stressful; let’s not overcomplicate it. Fahey can use its streamlined offerings, services, and features to simplify banking for customers.

Fully invested at every milestone, every step of the way.

Fahey finds creative ways to help customers feel more confident with their finances. We created the logo to symbolize the balance and growth they offer to customers that big banks can’t. With the logo at the center of every touchpoint, we created a design system that expressed Fahey as the building blocks to a better life.

Fahey Bank Logo on Light Blue Background
Fahey Bank Brand Collateral

The logo was designed to be fluid and flexible while providing opportunities to organize and shape content and messaging.

We can’t wait to see Fahey Bank support families for years to come.

What we delivered to 
Fahey Bank:

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System

Brand Strategy Workshop

Messaging Strategy

Brand Collateral

Audience Research