Epcon Franchising

Epcon Franchising believes that great home design can improve lives and create stronger communities.

Goal 1

Learn from current UX patterns

A key goal of the Epcon website was to inspire action and increase the number of conversions of qualified leads by establishing a seamless UX journey. Delving into Google Analytics and studying the common user paths allowed us to design an updated information architecture, content structure, and streamlined contact form strategy to meet the goals of Epcon’s audiences with less friction.

Goal 2

Enhance storytelling

Another goal for the website was to better communicate the Epcon story, making sure to lead with the benefits of becoming an Epcon builder. It was important to make it clear for prospects the steps to becoming a builder and painting the vision for their future with Epcon. Additionally, we were tasked with strategically highlighting the 4 pillars of their business blueprint that builders can take advantage of: land acquisition, vertical construction, sales, and marketing.

Elevating the look and feel of the Epcon vision

Epcon chooses to only work with the best-of-the-best entrepreneurs interested in expanding into the 55+ homebuyer market opportunity, so expressing the value of Epcon through an elevated user interface was paramount. The creation of a refined color palette and new typography, that mixes a modern serif with a simple sans serif, instantly connects with a higher net worth audience while building the vision of what their own investment in Epcon could be.

Building upon a solid visual foundation.

As a supporting design element, we infused a blueprint and construction visual language of dashed line work and material patterns throughout the website. These subtle elements draw the user’s eye to important pieces of information and reinforce the value of Epcon through their relation to construction and being a solid foundation for builders and investors alike.

The result is a scalable website that supports their future of innovative omnichannel experiences for building professionals.

Now Epcon has a website with a best-in-class user experience that elevates their brand value. By engaging key audiences through relatable storytelling and thought leadership, we inspired trust in the Epcon Franchising brand. While everyone else scrambles to scale up, Epcon will be leading the 55+ homebuyer market as they have for the last 30 years.

Epcon Franchising is leading the 55+ homebuilding community into the future.

What we delivered to Epcon Franchising:

Brand Strategy Workshop


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Website Design

Content Strategy

Engineering Management

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Identity System


Prototype & MVP

Messaging Strategy