Drive Capital

Drive Capital is a $2.2B venture capital firm that invests in world-class founders building the next generation of companies.

We kicked off with discovery to find the source of Herbie’s biggest challenges.

After mapping out the investment process and speaking with users, we identified three initiatives that would have the biggest impact for Drive Capital and their users: improved workflows, a unified visual language, and engineering support.

Designing a better experience through improved workflows.

Users were spending too much time searching for information rather than taking action. We restructured the information architecture for key pages, along with a redesign, to give users the data they need sooner in their journey.

Building excitement and pacing the competition? Yes, please.

Herbie’s UI got a visual refresh to go along with its new and improved user workflows. We created a visual language that not only built excitement, but helps differentiate Drive Capital from other VCs. The new visual language oozes confidence, sophistication, and success–which is perfect for their investors and limited partners.

Improved engineering efficiency through collaboration.

The time needed to move from design to development was cut drastically as we worked alongside Drive Capital’s engineering team throughout the project. We solved problems in real-time and delivered design system components as soon as they were built. Herbie was in and out of the pits in no time.

Driving into the future.

Herbie’s improved workflows and fresh UI will help investors find their next big investment in record time and give Drive Capital’s limited partners the confidence needed to fund those investments.

UI example

After seeing Herbie in action, we’re ready to invest.

What we delivered for Drive Capital:

Wireframes and User Flows

Feature Ideation

User Interface (UI) Design

Design System

Web Application Design

Development Documentation