Boundless Immigration is on a mission to simplify the complexities of the immigration process.

Two people looking at a computer

Couples navigating the immigration system have a long and unclear application process ahead of them.

Boundless Immigration recognized that many couples lacked the confidence they needed to choose the right visa path.

Our ultimate goal was to provide couples with an updated, clear, and confidence-boosting assessment experience, serving as the perfect entry point to set them on the right path toward their visa journey.

Through collaborative workshops, Boundless helped us deeply understand the visa paths they specialize in, including the key qualifying factors for each.

One key fact became quickly apparent: choosing the right visa is not solely tied to marital status; it involves multiple factors that are crucial for qualification.

We mapped out a user-friendly questionnaire, avoiding technical or legal jargon, and created a customizable visa recommendation experience that includes couples' names. The Boundless team used this prototype to conduct unmoderated user testing with six individuals, a mix of US citizens and non-US citizens embarking on their marriage-based visa application journey.

Our objective was to verify if their confidence in the chosen visa path increased and to ensure the clarity of the results. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive–the experience was a hit!

With the Boundless brand in mind, we crafted the visual design of the visa recommendation experience. Our team developed new design system components, ensuring scalability as the experience evolves over time.

With all the details in place, we prepped our design for development, ensuring a seamless translation to the live environment.

Together with Boundless, we provided couples with a better path to navigate the complexities of visa applications.

What we delivered to Boundless Immigration

Ideation & Strategy Workshops


Content Creation

Qualitative Research

UX/UI Design

Development Annotations

Visual Design

Project Management