What’s the deal with Cupid?

We were curious, what’s the deal with Cupid?

Valentine’s Day came and went and, depending on your situation, you either spent it with someone you love or sat alone watching the new season of You on Netflix while eating the box of chocolates from your secret admirer, which you picked up from the grocery store on your way home from work.


This time of the year it’s impossible to miss all the hearts, chocolates, roses, and cheesy “be mine” everywhere. And we can’t forget that little winged man (baby?) with the bow and arrow–Cupid. The crew here at ZoCo Design got to talking, and we were curious: who is Cupid, and why do we care?



Cupid is the God of Love and his origin story is a bit of a mystery. Although he may have been inspired by the Greek god Eros–who was also the god of love and desire. We all know the story: Cupid shoots you with one of his feisty love-inducing arrows, and BAM! You’re falling deeply in love with the next person you see.


In my admittedly brief time researching this little guy, I learned that he was apparently a pretty mischievous, yet powerful god in ancient Roman society. He would be called upon in love spells, people would worship him, and is not a god to be messed with.


Today, he is synonymous with love and Valentine’s day, but how did we get here? According to the HISTORY Channel, it’s because 19th-century Victorians—who are credited for popularizing Valentine’s Day—began depicting Cupid on Valentine’s Day cards.


If you want to learn more, you’re going to end up spiraling deep into Greek and Roman mythology. You’ve been warned.


Let’s be honest, the whole thing is a bit odd. A god, who is almost always depicted as a baby, flying around manipulating people’s feelings by shooting them? His tactics seem questionable at best. And is that really the best symbol for love and desire?
So, what’s the deal with Cupid? Honestly, I’m still not sure but at least I have another year to figure it out.


Anyway, I finished the new season of You on Netflix last night. Have any other show recommendations? Let us know on Instagram or Twitter.

Stay curious.


Eric Trimble