Love letters from ZoCo Design

Love letters & poems to our favorite tools

Love made us do it.


We’ve penned a few heartfelt letters and poems to our dearest UX tools.




Roses are red, Violets are blue
Dear Dovetail, I love you.

From taxonomies to transcripts, you’ve upskilled our process
Making it easier than ever for our team to impress.

You help us take data and transform it to insight
With colorful tag systems, it truly is a delight.

With you we’re organized, methodical, and fast
Manual user research is a thing of the past.

Without user research, who knows where we’d be
Dovetail, you’ve made research analysis a breeze.




My dearest Figma. My partner in design. You have made me a better creator with your endless support and community. Remember when you didn’t have variant capabilities? Gosh we were young then.

We have grown so much together, making so many components and command-Zs along the way. Above all, thank you for never making me save. I love you for who you are today and what we will create tomorrow.

Your not so secret admirer,



When I think of all that we capture in Notion,
It’s easy to see why it’s our secret potion.
Relations make tracking info a breeze,
Our team can collaborate with such ease.

We started with wikis and then built databases –
Notion grows with us through all of our phases.
The team embraced dashboards and templates galore,
A new Notion feature? We want more, more, more!

As our mighty UX studio continues to grow,
Processes creation will be without woe.
So I thank you Notion for helping us share,
The sky’s the limit; Notion and ZoCo, a perfect pair.



Dear Harvest,

I cannot find the words to express my deep appreciation for you and your capabilities. You provide us all with a place to keep our time and track our work. You visualize our data and generate charts. You alert us if you think our budget is in trouble.

How many hours do we have to spend on that upcoming research report? You will tell us.

How much time did it take us to plan for that workshop last week? You know.

How many hours did I spend in client meetings today? You have the answers.

On Sunday night I often think to myself “what did I do all weekend?” as I count down the hours until I am back at my computer, where everything makes sense. And when Friday rolls around, the sense of teamwork and belonging that you make me feel is overwhelming as my inbox floods with notifications from my teammates.

Thank you for adding structure to the chaos of life.



Eric Trimble