Spotify Wrapped 2022

Spotify Wrapped 2022 has officially released and it’s a great reminder of an incredibly effective marketing campaign that continues to crush it. Privacy concerns aside, it is a shareable, fun, interactive experience that sets a high mark for fan advocacy that most brands can only dream of.


Spotify Wrapped began as an email but shortly moved to an interactive story format and what a decision that was! In 2020:

  • Wrapped led to a 21% bump in app downloads in the 1st week of December
  • Over 90m+ people engaged with it



We’re always diving into interesting stories and case studies on digital experiences, and this is a good one, but this week we were curious how the ZoCo crew’s Wrapped stacked up.


Let’s start by giving away some music superlatives based on our 2022 stats.


Most likely to¬†“not hear you” because they have headphones in

The design team, and it’s not even close. And I’m not convinced they’re even playing music…


Most likely to try something new

This one has to go to our client engagement team. They’re always up for new experiences and a roadtrip, are constantly making new friends, and based on their music library, are open to new music and artists.


Most likely to be in a good mood

Our research team fits the mold here. Maybe it’s because the nature of their work – they do spend their time seeking answers and uncovering solutions to problems. That’s pretty exciting. They also favor uplifting, good vibes music which definitely helps.


Some of the studio’s Wrapped highlights





Kudos to Spotify. Want to hop on the #spotifywrapped trend? Share your Wrapped 2022 with us on Instagram or Twitter.


Stay curious.


Eric Trimble