AMA: What’s it like working with ZoCo Design?

A huge part of what we do here is integrating with client teams.

That’s a huge part of what we do. Most other places will do this thing where they show up. They learn a little bit about the client, they learn who their audience is and then step behind a curtain, go off to do some research and come back out and go “ta-da, here’s what it is”.

And then they will do the same thing to create an experience. They’ll step away, go behind a curtain for two weeks, and they’ll come back up and go “ta-da, here’s the experience”.

At ZoCo, we really want to involve the client in that process as much as we can. So, they get exposed firsthand to the creative process, which is sometimes jarring and sometimes really invigorating, depending on who we’re working with. Because of that, we need to get involved with the client as much as possible.

We do a lot of discovery at ZoCo where other places may not do that. That means we try and understand as much as humanly possible about the client, how the client works, the systems that they currently use. We will get really into the nitty gritty with the client, and understand things like, “how do you make money at the end of the day?”,”what’s your business actually about?


We try and understand as much as humanly possible about the client.


We need to know that detail because we want to think about ZoCo as an extension of that client for a period of time so we can make decisions on their behalf as effectively as we possibly can with all the context that they have. And then we can introduce all the context and the expertise that we have into it.

So, when whenever we work with a client, we integrate ourselves as much as we can, and then we show them how we operate, exposing them to the creative process. Through that, we kind of teach them how to think like we do. And so we operate in this really awesome space where clients learn from us, and we learn from them. This really sets them up for future success.


That’s very much what we do here and how we operate with our clients.


Eric Trimble