30 product experts share their take on measuring impact.

We brought together industry leaders to answer the question: "How do we measure the impact of product work and sell it up to business stakeholders, creating buy-in and energy?

We break it all down in this free insights report.

Why is it so hard to measure the impact of product work (and prove value)?

It boils down to three main categories and we break down each one in this free insights report.

Misalignment & lack of clarity.

It all starts at the top with organizational goals. When they're fuzzy, you're in trouble. It's like trying to hit a moving target that you can't see.

Metrics & measurement.

What do you measure, how do you collect the data, and can you trust it? It's not so straightforward.

Organization & cultural factors.

What matters to a "product-led" company will be different than others. The same can be said for organizations at different maturity levels.