How product leaders are tackling their biggest (and most common) challenges.

30 industry leaders came together for a candid conversation on the things keeping them up at night. We break it all down in this free insights report.

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So, what are the biggest challenges keeping product leaders up at night?

It boils down to three main categories and we break down each one in this free insights report.

Right sizing your roadmap

What is the ideal purpose of the roadmap? It’s a communication tool to show what efforts, projects, or features are being created and when they’re expected to be completed. The problem is, that work never happens as planned in the roadmap.

Creating a culture of collaboration

In a world with Sales, Research, UX, Engineering, and more—collaborating across teams is a must. If they can’t work together, it’s a waste.

Encouraging experimentation & risk

As companies grow, the culture of experimentation can become diluted as teams specialize and silo. Companies struggle to preserve their willingness to fail, as well as their focus on the customer and the root problems they are trying to solve.