We’re supportive.

We often joke that we’re a family because we genuinely care for and support each other in our professional and personal lives.


You’ll make an impact.

There’s nowhere to hide on a small team, so you’ll hit the ground running by collaborating on new, challenging projects.


You’re empowered to learn.

We take pride in our ability to learn. With various workshops, conferences, and events, there’s always a chance for you to grow—and for you to teach.


We hang out.

From our coffee shop meetings to happy hours, we like to mix it up. Oh, and our Taboo games are off the charts.


We have dogs.

Our honorary head of HR, Roscoe, will greet you daily. You can bring your dog too—so long as they play nice and don’t steal Roscoe’s bones.


We think we’re funny.

I mean, have you seen our new initiative #yomommamondays?

We are looking for a

Freelance Designer

As we grow and expand (aka conquer the world) there will be times that we need an extra set of hands to help us with our day-to-day. This could be you! And though we cannot promise it, several of our contractors have turned into full-time teammates as we realize we cannot live without one another. So if you are looking to freelance please get in touch. If we don’t have an immediate need, we often have friends at other agencies ask for references and we’d be happy to pass your name along if we think it would be a good fit.

Experience as a lead designer on select projects
Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills
Excels in UI/UX design (experience required)
Development experience is not required

Brand Identity
Print Design & Production
Web & Digital Design
Motion Graphics (preferred)

For consideration, please send a LinkedIn address and portfolio via email to Lacey Picazo, [email protected]. Online portfolio sites or links to dropbox are encouraged.


Join Us

We welcome conceptual and strategic thinkers who are passionate about design, disciplined, and self-motivated—those who have great vision for both their future and for the future of ZoCo. You must be comfortable in a small company culture where everyone wears many hats, be able to work on your toes, and be open to new creative possibilities as we all evolve together. At ZoCo, you will have the opportunity to collaborate on creative programs that span industries and design skill sets. Your impact here will be great.

If you feel you have the talent, the drive and the right attitude, we would love to hear from you. Send us a cover letter, resume and a portfolio for consideration. Online portfolio sites work best but links to dropbox are also accepted. We may ask to meet you in person once we’ve reviewed your initial material. We look forward to meeting with you!

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