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Learn with and from Peers in Product Leadership.

Join a roundtable of senior product leaders, where you will share challenges, grow your perspective, and build lasting relationships.

About Product Invitational

A unique experience of networking, problem-solving, and peer learning.

This exclusive, invite-only event brings together senior product leaders in a small, roundtable format where we discuss challenges, share tested insights, and build community.

Product Invitational creates a real-time environment where knowledge is shared amongst peers, solutions are workshopped, and everyone contributes to one another's professional growth. The purpose is to help to identify blindspots, improve decision-making, and offer agenda-free advice.

Who Attends

Industry leaders in product.

We attract senior product leaders who want to connect with, learn from, and support fellow executives. If you're in a product or adjacent leadership role, from Directors to the C-Suite, we are building groups just for you.

Leaders from across industries have contributed to our Product Invitational roundtables, including those from organizations such as:

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What to Expect

Participants lead the way.

Each Product Invitational event is uniquely shaped by the participants. They decide the discussion topics, the challenges we prioritize, and the questions we answer. This ensures every interaction is relevant, timely, and of high value. Everyone invited has a wealth of experience, and we tap into that to create something amazing.

Each event features:
– Interactive topic selection by participants
– A series of roundtable discussions featuring ~10 participants at each table
– Networking sessions to connect and deepen peer relationships

Request an Invite

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Want to host a Product Invitational in your city?

Let's make it happen.

Hosting the Event

Awareness with a purpose.

Is your company interested in hosting a Product Invitational? The host organization plays a pivotal role in the event's success. They generously provide the venue for the event, as well as play a supporting role for local marketing efforts and event logistics.

ZoCo handles the rest—from food and drinks, to detailed event planning and facilitation!

There are no hidden costs to hosting. It's simply opening your doors for a morning of rich discussions and meaningful connections.

By supporting Product Invitational, the host organization positions itself as a true thought leader within the industry and amplifies its reach and influence.

+ Awareness

Gain significant visibility among senior leaders within the product community.

+ Community Leadership

Showcase your commitment to fostering collaboration and advancing the field.

+ Recognition

Receive promotion as the host of the event and recognition for helping bring Product Invitational to your city.

+ New Opportunities

Hosting opens the door to new opportunities, from new content, hiring and recruiting visibility, new business relationships, and more.

Host FAQs

What kind of space is needed?

We opt for rooms that can comfortably seat 8–12 people for a roundtable discussion. Having one room of this size is required, but 2-3 is preferred as it allows for more participants.

Having a "reception" area that allows for networking and group announcements (like hearing about your team) makes for an even better event.

No digital conferencing or other technology is required—just good old-fashioned seats.

What is the time commitment?

Product Invitational takes place on a weekday morning, lasting approximately four hours. We estimate additional time on either side for prep and cleanup.

Timing can be flexible as needed. Historically, Product Invitational begins between 8-9am.

How else does the host support?

We appreciate any collaboration in identifying the best local leaders to join the event. We'll do the heavy lifting of invitations and outreach, but you know your hometown best—and this is a chance to connect with your local community. Who would you like to attend?

With a provided toolkit, we ask hosts to help share and promote the event to make it as successful as possible. This may include social media mentions, newsletter or email shout-outs, local referrals, or other creative ideas we collaborate on.

Contact us for more details on hosting in your city.