Problem-solve alongside product leaders.

Be one of the 30 inspiring product leaders to join us on Sept. 21 as we tackle the hairiest challenges product teams and organizations face today.

ZoCo Design
September 21
Columbus, OH

About Product Invitational

A unique experience of networking and peer learning.

An invite-only event, we have attendees across senior product leadership roles—from design, research, engineering, product management, and innovation—who are eager to learn from one another and work on leveling up their product practice.

We've designed this event to be small in size to ensure everyone has a voice and that we can make the most of our limited time together. Join your peers in small groups (~10 people) to discuss, collaborate, and workshop practical solutions to today's biggest challenges.

What to expect

You guide the discussions.

The morning will consist of roundtable discussions to identify unique challenges, a networking hour to continue the conversation and deepen peer relationships, and a solutions-driven workshop to round out the morning–all being led by you. Participants help decide where the conversations go, which challenges we dig deeper into, and the solutions we come up with. Everyone invited has a wealth of experience, and we tap into that to create something amazing!

See you on September 21 at 8am!
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How product leaders are tackling their biggest challenges.

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