Woop is an insurance technology company that believes insurance should be simple, convenient, and transparent for everyone.

Just because Woop could offer customers a lower price and hassle-free switching, didn’t mean they would take it.

91% of survey respondents said they would use a service like Woop but customers were still reluctant to pull the trigger on a new policy. We set out to understand why.

Our research identified three key themes related to the lack of conversions:

1. Reactive purchasing

2. Distrust of the industry

3. Misaligned priorities

Customers are operating in a reactive mindset because they think the industry is complicated. Really, it’s just dated and customers are looking for tech-forward solutions that make the process seamless and easy to understand.

In an industry with so much history and power, it’s hard to trust the little guys. Customers said there needed to be strong brand awareness before they would give a new company a shot.

We uncovered three psychographic personas based on purchasing behaviors and beliefs about the industry, all of which reacted differently to Woop’s value propositions.

A new messaging strategy that builds trust and educates customers.

In an industry full of misconceptions, customers need pragmatic, but friendly advice. We worked with Woop to create a new messaging strategy that was inspired by customer insights–a strategy that tackles the misconceptions surrounding insurance while still appealing to each persona’s values, needs, and priorities. Woop is passionate, unconventional, transparent, and imaginative and now their messaging reflects that

A UI brand refresh brings legitimacy to a new type of insurance company.

Woop had an established brand but needed some consistency and a dash of boldness to own its place in the industry. If they wanted to stand out, they really had to go for it. We built a style tile that is imaginative, approachable, and unconventional yet trustworthy—the perfect dichotomy for an industry disruptor like Woop.

An experience that meets customer and business needs.

As the main touchpoint, it was important that the app delivered value quickly to customers, hooking them in early so that they stayed engaged with Woop long-term. Now, customers are able to get the insurance quote they want with the added bonus of industry education and options for customization.

Our partnership helped Woop build a deeper understanding of their customers, giving them the tools and insights needed to win today, and in the future.

Woop is changing insurance once and for all.

What we delivered to Woop:

Service Journey Workshop

User Interviews

Experience Assessment

Brand Identity System

Customer Journey Development

Messaging Strategy

Psychographic Personas