W*nder is an all-natural CBD beverage company whose aim is to provide focus, energy, and relaxation—all while tasting delicious.

Focusing on the ingredients helps customers feel confident.

In an industry that’s still like the Wild West, the website needed to address the uncertainty of what is in CBD products. We created interactive ingredient illustrations that showed both the ingredients included in each flavor and the health benefits that come along with them.

W*nder is for every time of day.

The website also needed to educate customers on how and when to use W*nder. The revamped W*nder Meter illustrates the use cases for each flavor so customers can see how the product might fit into their day. Functional ingredients support energy levels, focus, and more, offering drinkers a flavor for any time of day.

The final result is a colorful, immersive website that excites and educates the user on all that W*nder has to offer.

Using patterned lines, complementary color palettes, and motion, we visualized all that W*nder has to offer—quality ingredients, delicious flavors, and a product for every time of day—while creating a friendly, educational, and exploratory experience.

E-commerce? More like CBD-commerce.

Using subtle animation and an overall airy appearance, the home page brings to life the way W*nder makes you feel and encourages users to purchase one (or twelve) for themselves.

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After taste-testing each flavor, we created patterns to match their individual vibes.

We created illustrations to complement W*nder’s existing photography, adding a new dimension to the site.

We were excited to receive an Awwwards Honorable Mention for this website.

What we delivered to W*nder:

Website Design

Brand Extension

Service Journey Workshop

Service Journey Workshop

Focus Groups