Warner Junction
Identity & Website


The historic neighborhood of Franklinton is undergoing major changes and becoming Columbus’s next trendy arts district. The area is already filled with creative breweries, bars, maker spaces and studios. All this, only a bridge away from downtown Columbus, is leading to the development of places like Warner Junction. These condominiums are designed to be the perfect artist’s home with modern design and plenty of studio space. On top of this, the best selling point is a rooftop patio in every townhome providing beautiful views of the Columbus skyline.

Though these homes practically close the deal themselves, ZoCo assisted in the quick sellout of the community by crafting the Warner Junction brand from the bottom up and an informational website for potential buyers.


  • Brand Research
  • Brand Identity System Design
  • Brand Collateral
  • Website Design

The mark reflects the roof line and overall shape of the Warner Junction condominiums, while also forming an abstract W and J. In addition, a well-known characteristic of Franklinton is the railroad running through the neighborhood. To pay homage to this heritage, the lines also represent railroad spikes and slats.

Early Concept Explorations
Final Brand Mark

The website for Warner Junction keeps it simple with a one-page design. Beyond the need for all the typical sales info with floor plans, amenities, and costs, we added attractive information that is unique to the Franklinton area. Since the area is still “up and coming,” we needed to sell the neighborhood as well as the houses themselves. Luckily, there are plenty of points of interest to call attention to that show Franklinton as the vibrant district that it is becoming.

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