With the click of a button, the Teamo app provides customers with fast, affordable, and quality delivery service.

Our focus was creating actionable insights to help the startup with three key business priorities:

#1 Drivers
Better understand the delivery driver market, attract and convert drivers from sign-up to delivery, and create driver loyalty.

#2 Customers:
Educate customers on which Teamo service is right for them. Learn what customers thought of their Teamo experience, and how it impacted their overall shopping experience at IKEA.

#3 Holistic Scaling:
Leverage research insights to improve the overall Teamo experience, make future city rollouts easier, identify the easy wins, and find where gaps exist.

We started with generative research studies with their primary user groups.

We created a driver panel and research repository to make it easier for Teamo to conduct ongoing user research, and reference past user insights.

By connecting insights back to key business goals and sharing thoughts on how to address certain problem areas, we were able to help Teamo improve their decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Shifting needs and priorities calls for flexibility.

We adapted to meet Teamo where they were, supporting beyond just UX research.

Our retainer model allowed us to quickly flex and work with Teamo in real time to solve unexpected issues that arose—a pretty common challenge for startups.

Workflow improvements for multiple user types.

We utilized our research insights and design thinking to uncover the root cause of workflow challenges and made product recommendations.

We also dove into blue-sky thinking for the future of the product.

Teamo’s high-value, but high-churn product experiences needed a fresh perspective.

We conducted an audit to identify the core pain points, surfacing both near and long-term solution options.

We benchmarked UX best practices along the way and used previous user research to inform additional improvement recommendations for today and the future.

Teamo was stretched thin in different areas.

To increase their team’s impact and keep things on track, we worked autonomously on key problem areas and presented user-driven solutions to their most pressing needs.

A customized approach.

We're dedicated to delivering relevant insights precisely when and where teams need them, and the retainer model allowed us to flex with Teamo during this pivotal time.

We focused on their biggest questions, transforming insights into practical solutions that could integrate seamlessly throughout their product journey, arming this startup with the information it needed to keep moving.

Teamo makes large-item delivery an enjoyable experience.

What we delivered to Teamo:

Generative User Research

User Interviews

Experience Assessments

Persona Development

Ideation & Strategy Workshops