Riverhead CAP
Identity & Website


At the end of Long Island in New York is the town of Riverhead, where the non-profit group, Riverhead Community Awareness Program (CAP), has provided drug and alcohol prevention, counseling, and community coalition services since 1979 to schools in the community. This organization is not just a program for school children, but a true community organizer that Riverhead is proud to have. As a testament to their efforts, CAP was awarded a federal grant in 2013 from the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) to further its community-based coalition efforts.

ZoCo was tasked with creating an entirely new brand and website for CAP as well as a sub-brand for their coalition group, the Riverhead Community Coalition for Safe and Drug-Free Youth.



  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity System Design
  • Brand Collateral & Stationery
  • UI/UX Design

Through brand strategy sessions and research, we learned that CAP is a huge part of the small town of Riverhead and everyone who lives there is affected in some way by the organization. So rather than basing our designs on prevention of alcohol or drug abuse, we created a logo that is representative of the town itself—safe, calm, progressive and on the mouth of the Peconic River.

Early Concept Explorations
Final Brand Mark

The sub-brand we developed for the Community Coalition relates directly to the main CAP brand but also stands on its own as a mark. The members of the Coalition are leaders of the community, so like the CAP logo, this mark is all about the community of Riverhead.

Connecting the community

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