ReadySkill is an app that connects students to education, sponsored tuition, potential employers, and wrap-around support services to help move them out of the poverty cycle and into a life of sustainable well-being.

What makes the ReadySkill vision unique is its focus on bringing so many different organizations together that are normally siloed. The hard part? Getting buy-in from each of them. To help, we visualized what the future of the app could be and designed the MVP to bring it to life.

We interviewed members of each stakeholder group to understand their needs.

Education providers want to see students enrolling in the right programs to reduce drop-outs.

It was important for ReadySkill to open prospective students’ eyes to new possibilities based on their skills and passions. To address this need, we designed an assessment that matches to careers and even shows median salaries and industry growth outlook.

Students struggle to find and apply for support services.

Balancing school, work, and family is a challenge echoed by many students. By integrating social services alongside college programs in the same app, ReadySkill increases the support students receive—ultimately allowing more students to complete their programs.

Employers are eager to fill their pipelines with talent.

We designed a simple dashboard to illustrate how employers could interact with their sponsored students. This helped the ReadySkill team facilitate conversations around what these unique partnerships could actually look like with employers.

ReadySkill Case Study

The data from ReadySkill tells a new, robust story of our community.

ReadySkill is spearheading the effort to create a data sharing platform to bring this education system to life. This data platform will bring new insights into conversations about economic mobility and ways to improve our community. We visualized what those insights could look like in an outcomes dashboard prototype.

We’re excited to see the momentum behind ReadySkill and follow its development.

What we delivered for ReadySkill:

Prototype & MVP

Digital Product UI/UX

Brand Identity System

Pitch Collateral