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PriorAuthNow is a quickly growing startup in Columbus. Their software helps simplify the process of prior authorization for procedures in hospitals and practices. They aim to help patients get the care they need, when they need it, and to help doctors get the necessary approval to carry out the needed procedure. No more jumping through hoops and making endless phonecalls and requests. With PriorAuthNow, hospitals save money and doctors can continue to effectively save lives.

ZoCo was tasked with creating an entirely new brand and website for PriorAuthNow. It is clear that the current process to achieve prior authorization is more than a hassle, so our main objective was to inform how PriorAuthNow streamlines and simplifies this process, benefitting hospitals, doctors, and patients.


  • Brand Identity System Design
  • Brand Collateral & Stationery
  • UI/UX Design + Development
  • Digital Messaging

Through brand strategy sessions and research, we learned that PriorAuthNow did not want to be viewed as a traditional health care company. They wanted a mark that represented what they do and had a great story. We created multiple marks that told a story, but in the end, they chose an abstract mark that has the look of both a heartbeat and a signature, and best fits their focus on process and leading their customers to success.

Early Concept Explorations
Final Brand Mark

After solidifying their fresh, bold brand, we created custom stationery. As an abstract representation of simplifying the process, we used a crimped line that becomes straightened. This graphic was consistently applied throughout the brand stationery and other branded materials.

To make the benefits clear and easy to digest, we designed the homepage to lead the user through the 5 major benefits of PriorAuthNow.

As the user scrolls, a line animates down the screen and highlights each benefit. As the user approaches the end of the page, the background gets lighter and brighter to represent the clarity that PriorAuthNow provides, and ends with glowing customer testimonials.

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