Mid-Ohio Foodbank

Mid-Ohio Foodbank is the largest foodbank in the state. Their customer-centric vision extends beyond access to fresh and healthy food for all, to other social needs like healthcare and housing.

Mid-Ohio Foodbank approached us to visualize a new digital product concept they were pitching to a technology-forward partner. They had lots of ideas, but not a lot of time. So, in a week-long sprint, we jumped in head-first to see how we could bring those ideas to life.

On Monday we explored the existing pitch and shifted our sprint focus.

Being customer-focused with a tech-focused product, Mid-Ohio Foodbank’s vision for the future was complex, but the pitch didn’t tell their story. Together, we shifted our focus from just mocking up a prototype to reframing the entire pitch deck.

On Tuesday, we toured the foodbank and conducted impromptu stakeholder interviews. Allowing us to gain a more hands on understanding of:

Their research.

Wellbeing is more than just food. By layering data from partners, the Foodbank identified the biggest need (food or otherwise) in each Central Ohio neighborhood. This set the stage for their pitch.

Their technology.

In one interview we heard the existing kiosk shopping experience can be cumbersome; some customers just want to choose from a few pre-packed boxes.

Insights like these informed the customer story by infusing convenience and customization throughout.

We show educational recipes and custom or pre-packed box options.

Their customer challenges.

Multiple stakeholders explained how difficult it is to navigate social services. Each service is operated in a silo, so the already stressed customer has even more places to go and disconnected, redundant forms to fill out.

A large part of the story is educating customers about services that are available and eliminating the barriers to connect with them.

We show how users can be connected to services like Lyft and YMCA

We spent the rest of the week refining this story.

All together, now.

The final pitch deck incorporates both customer-centric and technology-focused values. It explains how this new product could fill their customer’s need, but also how it could enhance social services as a whole.

This process empowered Mid-Ohio Foodbank to put their best foot forward with their partner—bringing life and validity to their vision.

The process was amazing! One of my favorite things I have done with your team in all these years.

Nick Davis, Chief Platform Officer

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank is on a mission to break the poverty cycle and we are humbled to be a small part of it.

What we delivered to Mid-Ohio Foodbank:

Build Sprint


Pitch Collateral


Prototype & MVP