As a career-focused schooling experience for healthcare education, Lifework trains and mentors professionals across the continuum of healthcare from new certification to continuing education.

But there was one problem.

Healthcare training is a saturated market, meaning students choose on price and convenience—or their employer chooses for them.

What could make Lifework stand apart?

We started with research to understand what unites their students, instructors, and once-separate sub-brands.

We discovered key insights about Lifework’s students and educators that gave us a new perspective and helped us build a brand specifically suited for the people engaging with it every day.

Finding new students is harder than keeping them.

Although each sub-brand within HLA does a good job engaging and retaining students once they get them in the door, there is a struggle to consistently find new students.

Students are coming from all levels of experience.

Some have each step of their path planned out, while others are simply exploring their options.

Recertification students are largely disengaged.

It is common for them to show up to training with a “why do I have to be here” mentality.

Instructors understand the gravity of what they’re teaching.

"Don’t come ‘expecting a pass.’ That is not how we work—this material saves lives.”

So, what unites tens of thousands of students, trainers, and admins?

It’s their intrinsic motivation to become a link in the lifesaving chain, and that the Lifework family of brands is uniquely equipped to be their partner through career plans and pivots.

Knowing this, we got to work building a new identity that students, trainers, and admins could rally around.

Building their brand started with a new name.

Before “Lifework,” they were “Healthcare Learning Alliance.” We uncovered a mismatch between their former name and the passion their audiences shared for providing high-quality care. Their new name represents both the devotion of students and instructors to save lives and their focus on building a lifelong career in healthcare.

Charting a path with Lifework.

The signature helix shape from Lifework’s identity reflects career paths that intersect and change direction. Paired with photography, it flexes in shape to create different-sized intersections that showcase what it means to grow with Lifework.

Book with branded lined

Your guide to a lifelong career in healthcare.

By aligning Lifework’s mission, messaging, and principles with the throughlines uncovered during our research efforts.

All of our research and branding efforts created an authentic foundation for the Lifework network of schools to build on. Each school will continue to have its own unique nuances, while being supported by a national identity they can take pride in.

We are proud to have strengthened the lifesaving chain in our own way.

What we delivered to Lifework:


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Strategy Workshop



Brand Identity System