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While the future of the smart home is a trend, our Fortune Global 500 client looked for an opportunity to play their own unique strengths—leveraging not the electronics in the home, rather the comprehensive energy trends and data tracked within the energy systems within the walls.

Hiring ZoCo to help internally pitch the future of their company, we brainstormed, concepted, and visualized Joule—the next generation of smart home energy management. Using both existing and conceptual technologies, Joule helps users track and optimize their energy consumption while accommodating individual preferences. The final deliverable included a fully designed conceptual prototype of the app as well as a video highlighting what the Joule experience could look like.


  • Trend and Opportunity Research
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • UI/UX Prototyping
  • Video Production

Exploring Interactions

With the conceptual nature and future-focus of this project, ZoCo wanted to reimagine how a user could interact with Joule. While the desired medium uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence, an iPad app was used as the main platform to help connect the audience to the concept.

“Want to show me around?”

As if giving a tour over video call, Joule’s image recognition scans electric devices in real-time to catalogue and set up the service.

The Joule dashboard provides a total overview of energy consumption within the home. Using the client’s unique access behind the walls, it goes beyond generalities to pinpoint specific appliances, devices, or systems that are inefficient or overused. The interface then becomes an indicator of overall performance by blending from efficient (green) to wasteful (red).

An augmented reality heatmap with smart suggestions interactively optimizes home energy consumption while the remote feature allows users to control all their electronics from anywhere.

User profiles are controlled by a hexagonal panel. Compare to other users in the household to see who has the most efficient settings. Two users in one room? Set a compromise. Traveling? The profile follows you to all locations equipped with Joule—making anywhere feel like home.

Users are incentivized by seeing the amount saved per month in real time and money earned by participation in demand response hours—minimizing the home’s energy usage during high demand hours.

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