Great Northern
Brand Identity


Great Northern Archaeology provides a wide range of cultural resource services to private, tribal, governmental, and public businesses throughout the Midwest and Great Plains. To meet the needs of their clients, Great Northern’s business is completely digital, creating a more timely response, cost-effectiveness and fast turnaround for clients. ZoCo was tasked with developing a brand identity system that visualized Great Northern’s modern and digital capabilities without losing the historic and authentic feel of the industry’s heritage. The result was a unique identity reminiscent of the brand’s operations while preserving its prehistoric roots.


  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Brand Identity System Design
  • Collateral & Stationery
  • Standards Manual

A labyrinth, inspired by prehistoric drawings, symbolic of archaeological excavation sites, and representative of “seek and find” surveying abilities.

A compass rose, representing the heritage and a literal interpretation of Great Northern’s role as archaeological surveyors.

A “hidden” G for the name of the company, allowing the mark to stand on its own without the need for accompanying type.

Early Concept Explorations
Final Brand Mark

Brand collateral included business cards, letterhead, and a brand standards guide. We created a topographical map texture to be used as a subtle background, for example, as a UV coating on the business cards.

The Brand Standards Field Guide was an important development to assist the Great Northern Archaeology team and future collaborators to expand upon the brand as the business grows. It details all brand elements and their proper usage to ensure their image remains cohesive.

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