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As a top 200 tax, accounting and consulting firm, GBQ has over 160 associates working in five offices and four states. For the firm’s 2015 holiday promotion, GBQ wanted to highlight this phenomenal and spirited team instead of sending out a traditional yet generic holiday card.

ZoCo pitched four themed concepts of employee-focused videos that ranged in complexity, tone, and interactivity. The chosen concept relied on their staff’s participation—and boy, did they deliver. The final video campaign extended to social media with much success, praise, and holiday spirit.


• Brand Strategy
• Storyboarding
• Script Development
• Illustration
• Video Production
• Digital Marketing
Winning Concept

Clash of the Cookies

In a more fun take on the traditional cookie decorating experience, we challenge each of GBQ’s departments to create their own awesome gingerbread houses, filming the action. Each house was voted on via GBQ’s Facebook page to determine the winner.

Other Loved Concepts

Year in Review

We are envisioning a play on the twelve days of Christmas, though never mentioning the holiday, poking fun at all the numbers associated with an accounting firm while highlighting your corporate culture.

Holiday Fairy

Where’s your holiday spirit? The ‘holiday fairy’ (or just a team member who cares deeply about cheer and tchotchkes) carries a wand (or nerf gun) that when triggered instantly decks out everyone around it in holiday attire and decor.

Sweet Treats

The holidays are a time for togetherness, demonstrated in a video of the GBQ team decorating sugar cookies, together at the office, where in the end there are three circle cookies spelling out GBQ before a bite is taken from the last cookie.

Okay, now what?

Everyone loved the chosen concept. The caveat was that it relied on associates being excited, involved and talkative. ZoCo decided some groundrules were in order to encourage friendly competition.


  • Four department teams
  • Holiday attire recommended
  • One shoebox with extra supplies
  • 1 hour time limit

Together with our partners at Media Machine, we dressed the set and shot the video in GBQ’s downtown Columbus office space. We were astounded by the gusto from each GBQ associate. The shoeboxes of extra goodies turned into huge boot boxes overflowing with candy, frosting, hot glue guns, sifters, and even lights. One group dressed as the cast from “Christmas Vacation” and replicated the Griswold’s house!

The product of their dedication is truly visible in the fantastic footage and impressive gingerbread houses.

The social media campaign that accompanied the video was by far the most successful in GBQ’s history with a 260% increase in activity and over double the views of their other video posts.

Congratulations to the Consulting Team and their log-cabin inspired gingerberead home—a true fan favorite!

Props to our partners at Media Machine for their hard work on video production including lighting, filming and editing the final video.

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