Finite State

Finite State is on a mission to keep companies safe from malicious cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities with their cybersecurity platform that highlights risks within connected device supply chains.

A desktop and mobile version of the Finite State website side by side

Finite State needed a stronger online presence that positioned them as pioneers in their industry and educated viewers of varying knowledge levels without overwhelming them.

To start, we dramatically reimagined the visual story Finite State told.

At its core, Finite State’s platform highlights vulnerabilities for their customers. We took the concept of “highlighting vulnerabilities” and applied it through the use of bold colors, new typography, and impactful line-work. We wanted Finite State to embody the spirit of transparency while serving as the voice of optimism in a sea of cybersecurity threats.

A logic board in Finite State's illustration style
A security camera in Finite State's illustration style

Storytelling simplified what was once complex.

The new website takes customers on a journey from simple problem statements into complex technical details—funneling content from the general problem into deeper, more technical pages. Now when a customer wants to know the bottom line of what Finite State does, it’s easy to find, and if an IT Administrator needs the details, they’re only a click away.

A grid of Finite State website mockup images

The result is a crisp site that highlights the Finite State difference.

Unlike their competitors, the new Finite State website doesn’t lean on scare tactics to sell their technology. Instead, it educates them on the problem and guides them through storytelling. Now, Finite State is a voice of optimism pushing towards a more secure future.

The full Finite State product page in a browser mockup
An image of a graphical list of Manufacturing benefits from the Finite State website
A grid of various screens from the Finite State website

We’re excited to watch Finite State create a more secure future for their customers.

What we delivered to Finite State:

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Brand Strategy Workshop

Content Strategy

Engineering Management

Website Design