Facilities Management eXpress
Brand + Website Refresh


Facilities Management eXpress, or FMX, is a startup that came to ZoCo for help with refreshing their brand to better fit their personality. FMX wanted to keep the existing logo, but wanted updated colors, fonts, icons, and even a new brand mascot. After working together to create an updated brand with a full brand standards guide, ZoCo became FMX’s agency of record. We have since created many case studies and other marketing materials for FMX as well as a new website to reach all of their growing audiences.



  • Brand Identity Refresh
  • Brand Collateral & Stationery
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Marketing Materials
  • UI Design + Development
Original Logo + Color Palette
Updated Logo + Color Palette

Apart from updating the color palette to be more flexible and robust, we created new iconography to use on their marketing materials and website. The icons are illustrative and bold so they can be easily understood and used to clearly mark different sections and represent their many segments.

One of the unique parts of this project was FMX’s request for a brand mascot to be used on various marketing materials. It was important to them that the mascot was gender and race neutral, but still relevant to what they do. After much brainstorming and concepting, we created the FMX Robot. The FMX Robot has been adjusted to fit many different brand materials and we have built up a vast library of the robot in different situations.

As our relationship continues to grow, we have many opportunities to assist FMX with any and every project they might need to promote themselves to potential customers. This includes business cards, a features overview booklet, case study one-pagers, and much more. We love being part of FMX’s business growth.

After the new brand refresh was complete, it needed to be applied to the existing FMX website. We updated fonts, colors, and icons to be consistent with the new look. We created brand new headers and updated various call-to-actions to include the FMX Robot. We updated their ‘About Us’ page with new team photos and biographies, and we updated the function of the ‘Pricing’ page. Overall, the website now feels consistent with the new brand and better informs potential customers of FMX’s capabilities.


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